Rattiya Na Nongkhai
Managing Director

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October 18, 2014


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Rattiya Na Nongkhai
Managing Director

Trust us to help you with your most important purchase your Udon Thani family house.
UDON HOME SALES provides a complete "one-stop shop" for all your real estate needs in Thailand . Our team will help you locate the right Udon Thani house perfect for your needs and budget.

We specialize in the sales of well-maintained or completely remodeled houses in and around Udon. We are a well-established real estate broker with our home office in Udon Thani, Thailand. We serve all of the Isan region of northeast Thailand, specializing in houses in Udon Thani.

ขอให้เราได้เป็นส่วนหนึ่ง ในการตัดสินใจครั้งสำคัญของคุณ อุดรโฮมเซลส์ บริการครบวงจรเรื่องบ้านและที่ดินทั่วราชอาณาจักร ทีมงานของเราจะช่วยจัดหาบ้านตามที่ท่านต้องการ เรามีทีมงานที่มีความเชี่ยวชาญในด้านการตกแต่งปรับปุรงบ้านทั้งหลัง


We examine every property and house on which we make a listing to ensure the property is fit for use and has no major physical defects. Rest assured you will only find the best well maintained homes among our real estate listings.
We assist in the negotiation and provide legal contracts between buyer and seller for the purchase of real estate.
We examine the title to inspect the property ownership for the buyer.
We offer outside legal consul to assist foreigners in making the decision as to how the real estate is to be titled. Foreigners please note that only Thai citizens or Thai Corporations are permitted to own land, however there are many ways for a foreigner to protect his investment.
We assist in calculating the transfer tax fee to be paid to the Land Office at the time of title transfer. By law half the transfer tax is to be paid by the buyer and half by the seller, but this can be negotiated at the time of making the purchase contract.


We assist in providing competitive price information of nearby properties to establish a fair selling price for the home. We prepare FOR SALE signs and place them in good locations. We feature your home on our web site with detailed photos and descriptions. We advertise and promote your home in a number of publications. We escort the prospective buyers in visiting your property and act as your real estate agent.
We assist in the negotiations process.


From outside Thailand, call +6680 010 2899 (mobile) or +664 232 7138 (office) Within Thailand, call 080 010 2899 (mobile) or 04 232 7138 (office) Send us an e-mail at Sales@UdonHomeSales.com

Visit our Office at 195 Pracharaksa Road just inside Ring Road in Udon Thani
(one block east of the Napalai Hotel)

Udon Thani houses for sale
THANK YOU from our Managing Director Rattiya Na Nongkhai
UDON HOME SALES is operating units of R & R Thai Corporation Company Limited
195 Pracharaksa Road, Tombon Mark Keng, Amphur Muang, Udon Thani 41000

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